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Video projectors, IWB and tablets
On Windows 7 you can use a remote connection to control a tablet or a computer. So if you connect the tablet in USB & HDMI directly on the board, you can take control of it from another computer (if this one is on the same network, if the tablet’s firewall is open on TCP 3389 port and if the remote control is allowed in system option).

Connecting a tablet and projector wirelessly: If the projector is on the same network as the tablet you can setup the projector brand software to detect and connect the projector. Before setting up the software you can also try the Windows 7 video projector connect tools.

If you IWB doesn’t have a wireless projector capability with wireless control, you will have to connect the tablet with an HDMI-HDMI (if you projector has an HDMI socket), or HDMI-DVI depending of your projector.

You can use a tablet with all IWB brands, but depending on the brand you might need to modify the Windows 7 tactile functions through the IWB software. This applies for example to the Promethean Activinspire.

To connect the tablet to an Acer videoprojector: You just need to join the same wireless network and setup the ‘eprojector’ Acer software on the tablet.
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