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At the discussion area you can discuss about the pilot, use of netbooks in schools and specific ideas for your pedagogical projects. The forum is important to give us input for the future pedagogical scenarios.

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My Latest Obsession
My Latest Obsession
1/28/21 3:49 PM
At the end of it all I have to chalk it up to a learning experience. I think I've probably made a couple of good friends who I will get to know on an one to one basis over time and without having to talk the baby thing to death, and I guess that's a bonus. As for the 'handbag' comment, I don't think I'll ever understand the insensitivity of the comment but I don't think I'm supposed to. At that moment I felt like there was a class divide and it was based on being black and as the only black person at the table, that was just damn weird. It's funny because one person didn't hear the comment and one of them that did hear it, didn't think anything of it. Does that mean that this person isn't listened to, or that people just don't think anything of racially insensitive comments?

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