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Stop hunting Save the males
Stop hunting Save the males
1/29/21 4:23 PM
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I stared at him and realised that as a prize farter himself it's no wonder he's empathetic with them. "Don't tell me to shush! That smell is WOEFUL!" and I got the warning look again and he replied with "One more word about the farts and I'll put my earphones in." I veered between wanting to sulk and having a complete hissy fit and said bitchily "Put the earphones in and I will tell this whole frickin carriage what I think of their farting! Loudly!" and we both cracked up laughing.

I went back to the brain training, covering my nose and mouth to let them all know in no uncertain terms that I was on to them. When we got off the train at London Bridge, the boyf hustled me up the platform. "Jesus NML! How can you be so cruel!?! People have to fart! And you're there shaming people!"

Outraged, I flashed his hand off me. "It is POLLUTION! Just like when people don't want you sneezing and coughing over them, I don't want to inhale someone else's rancid SHIT! And the bleedin' cheek of you telling me off!"

"Sometimes you need it!" and he pinched me on the bum cheekily. "And it is NOT pollution - NML, if you had to fart on the train, you'd do it. "

"Er, NO! If YOU had to fart you'd bloody do it. If it was me, I'd hold it in."
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