Information to parents Information to parents

This pilot is also interested in parents' opinion on the use of netbooks at home. The out-of-school use of netbooks for non-formal and informal learning purposes has not yet fully been explored. Moreover, netbooks can allow parents' fuller involvement in their child's learning experience and create a stronger connection between the school and home. For this reason, parents’ voluntary participation in the evaluation is very much encouraged.

As a parent you don't need to be a computer expert to help your child to participate in the pilot. Your child's school and teachers will receive support in implementing the pedagogical use of the netbooks, and Acer's local technical maintenance services will be available should any technical problems occur.

Tips for ensuring safe and appropriate use of netbooks at home:

  • It is good to remember that if you see any problems arising from the use of the netbook with your child, you can always contact the school directly to discuss the matter.
  • Netbooks are so small that they fit in a normal school bag. It is advised to use a cover to protect the netbook.
  • Make sure your child recharges the netbook overnight.
  • A joint agreement on acceptable use policies for netbooks will be made between schools, parents and learners.
  • Schools will provide parents with information on Internet safety.
  • An agreement will be signed between the school and parents regarding the terms of use of the netbook for each student and its return to the school at the end of the school year.