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Microsoft study: 6 case studies on the implementation of 1:1 initiatives in Europe

European Schoolnet is carrying out research, commissioned by Microsoft, with the aim to describe how 1:1 netbook initiatives can be successfully designed and implemented at various levels at policy making level (policy perspective) and at school level (practitioner perspective). More specifically the study has the following objectives:

  • to identify six 1:1 initiatives, which will be analysed through case studies;
  • to provide a framework for describing and investigating the local, regional, national
    initiatives implemented;
  • to provide in depth descriptions and analysis on the deployment of 1:1 initiatives;
  • to identify the enablers and inhibitors regarding the successful deployment of local, regional, national initiatives implemented.

The final report will be targeted to high- level policy makers, who wish to implement a 1:1 initiative and/or to learn from other countries’ experiences.

After the selection of 6 initiatives by Microsoft, EUN will develop a framework for describing the local, regional or national initiatives implemented. The framework will cover two perspectives: the policy-making perspective and the practice level perspective. The framework will highlight the main topics to be studied within each perspective. Each of the perspectives will contain enablers and barriers for the implementation and uptake of 1:1 initiatives.

Based on the framework the selected initiatives will be further analysed as case studies:  The case study, based on primary and secondary information sources, will consist of two main parts:

  1. Analysis of the initiative from the policy making perspective (via desk research, a grid for analysis to be filled in and follow up interviews)
  2. Analysis of the initiative from a school practice perspective (via desk research and, interviews)

The project started in March 2012 and the final report will be available in October 2012.