Suggestions for your first netbook lesson Suggestions for your first netbook lesson

To get the pilot off to a good kick-start, it is a good idea to have a clear idea about the points you want to address with your students in their first netbook lesson. Some useful points to address are given below:

1. Begin by handing out the pilot's introductory brochure and go through it with the class to ensure they are clear about the pilot's aims and their involvement in it.

2. Next, use the Acer's Quick Start Manual, a paper version that came with each netbook, and talk the students through the various points raised.

  • We suggest that you start with simple things like how to turn the netbook on and off and how to log-in. It is recommended that each student create a user account with a password protection that they use on regular bases. An admin. account should be used only to install software.
  • To consolidate their understanding and for further information direct them to Acer's more comprehensive manual which will already be saved on the netbook in a PDF-format (the PDF document can also be accessed).
  • Additionally, it would be useful to prepare a Powerpoint presentation to be saved on each student's personal netbook in advance, outlining the rules to be followed regarding safe storage, transportation and how to take good personal care of the netbooks. You could ask each student to show this to their parents so that they would gain basic understanding of the netbook.

3. Each netbook should be easily identifiable without opening it. Each student can create his/her own name sticker to attach to the netbook to ensure it is identifiable.

4. It is also recommended that your school opts for purchasing netbook covers to ensure against potential damage. This is in your school's interest as they will keep the netbooks after the pilot, so ensuring they are kept in good condition will mean they are passed on fit for use by future students.

5. Allow time for a debriefing session with your students at the end of the lesson to recapitulate on what has been learned, how the netbooks have been used, what they have enjoyed and found useful, as well as the problems they might have encountered.