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Teachers Blog Teachers Blog

The teachers taking part in the Tablet Pilot are invited to share their experiences through this blog. The pilot involves teachers from eight different countries. You can write your posts in English or your mother tongue. The posts won't be translated but the readers can use any online translation tool (e.g. Google Translate) if they wish to translate the content.

  • 1st postcard activity (by 30 March): present your school and the project you plan to carry out. See template here
  • 2nd postcard activity (by 30 April): write about your main challenges and top tips. See template here
  • 3rd postcard activity (by 30 June): See template here

To post at the blog it's necessary to be logged-in (you can login/get registerd here). To start a new post, click on "Add blog entry".

Teachers Blog Teachers Blog
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Project Title: Using of Tablets in the Teaching Process to make it easier and more creative.

Project Team

    Yulia Korneecheva-teacher of Mathematics

    Natalia Jemets-teacher of Biology and Estonian ( as a second language)

    Valeria Svetlichnaya-teacher of English

    Gennadi Astapov-teacher of English (Coordinator of the Project)

Our School: Our school is the one with the profound study of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. We have been using ekool (electronic class register for teachers, students and parents). We are open for any e-twinning and Comenius projects. Our teachers are committed to use high tech environment in teaching process.

The Aim of Our Project: With this project we would like to find an answer to the main questions: - how can the tablets be used at the lessons and during the preparatory process both at the Primary and at the Secondary School with the prospect of abolishing paper text and workbooks. How can the tablet contribute to more rational time spending in order to concentrate mainly on the studying process and to optimize individual involvement in team work.

Some of the challenges we face: As we got the tablets only for teachers it’s quite hard to apply them at the lesson as a teaching instrument but we hope to find the solution together with our colleagues from the project schools. On the top of it, we are searching for the niche of using the tablets in our classrooms which already equipped with PC (tower computers)

The tablet use: We would like to use the tablet in teaching activities, such as:

     a. preparation for lessons

     b. creation of different teaching resources

     c. using in presentations 

     d. connection to the interactive whiteboard and projectors

     e. attempts to use them instead of paper books at school

     f. connection to ekool 

     g. using for graphs building at the math lessons

     h. tasks for the split-level students

     i. using of paint play in the Primary School

     j. promotion of subject integration

Our questions: Is it possible to use wireless connection to attach the tablets to the projectors and interactive whiteboards?

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