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New publications in eight languages

Developing practical guidelines for 1:1 computing initiatives
The guidelines identifies fifteen areas that schools will need to consider as part of their implementation of 1:1 technologies. The report is available in eight languages! Read more here

Acer-EUN Tablet Pilot evaluation - Full report
The objectives of the project were to gain a better understanding of teachers’ use of tablets to enhance students’ learning. See the full report here

Acer-EUN Tablet Pilot evaluation - Executive Summary
The executive summary of the pilot evaluation report is available in eight languages. Download the reports here

Take part - Survey on teachers' information channels
New study published - Overview and Analysis of 1to1 Learning Initiatives in Europe
EUN Briefing Paper: Are 1:1 classes with school-provided laptops and tablets widespread?
Join an online chat with Acer: Why choose a career in information technology?
Table Pilot evaluation - Full report available
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This website provides you with information and resources for your 1:1 lessons and exchange opportunities with other teachers. The website is an initiative by Acer and European Schoolnet. Read more about 1:1 pedagogy.

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Halloween - Discovering and comparing traditions

Pedagogical 1:1 scenario: In this content-based lesson on Halloween, students are asked to compare some traditions in different cultures. Available in 6 languages. Read more here

Netbook Trial at Victoria (Australia)

A three-year trial that started in 2009 aims to provide netbooks to about 10.000 pupils in the state of Victoria, Australia. The project has produced a lot of material and good practice tips. Read more here

Acer for Education Brochure 2013

This brochure tells about Acer for Education and the different solutions available for schools, teachers, and pupils, as well as about the projects. Read more here

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